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Epsilon is a remote wavesample editor for the Ensoniq EPS 16+ Digital Sampling Workstation, but it also works with the ASR-10. It offers you a graphical view of your wavesamples and allows you to send editing-commands to your EPS/ASR. Epsilon does all this through a MIDI connection, but still it works fast. This is because the program uses the build in wavesample-overview functionality of the EPS/ASR.

Wavesample-overview makes it possible to get a graphical view of a wavesample without transferring the whole wavesample. On large samples a complete wavesample transfer through MIDI takes a long while, getting a wavesample-overview only takes a few seconds or less. When you want to see more detail, just zoom into that area and get a new wavesample-overview

The first version of Epsilon saw the light in 1996. It was released as shareware costing $20US. Development has stopped now on this program, and I have decided to make it freeware. The program can be downloaded here. Be sure to check the register.txt file included in the zip-file. It contains the registration name and password needed to unlock the free version of Epsilon. Although Epsilon is freeware now, donations are always welcome :-)


  • Selecting ranges of data to perform actions like :
    • Clear data
    • Reverse data
    • Fade in
    • Fade out
    • Scale data
  • Zooming in and out
  • Setting wavesample start/end, loop start/end
  • Normalize gain
  • Hearing the wavesample while editing
  • Uploading and downloading wavesamples in wav-format
  • Naming instruments