Homepage of Arno van Goch


  • Epsilon : A remote wavesample editor for the Ensoniq EPS 16+ Digital Sampling Workstation that also works with the ASR-10. It offers you a graphical view of your wavesamples and allows you to send editing-commands to your sampler. You can also transfer wavesamples in wav-format
  • Tranzilon : A tool to create transwaves for use on the Ensoniq EPS 16+ or Ensoniq ASR-10
  • Madillion : A tool to edit machines on the Machinedrum SPS-1 from Elektron
  • P-Farm : A MIDI Patch Editor based around a Genetic Algorithm. This way you can use evolution to create new sounds from existing sounds. Works with Yamaha (V-50, YS100 and more) and Roland (Juno-106) synths
  • AvSound : An old experimental program written for the Ensoniq EPS 16+, but it can be of use to anyone who likes experimenting with samples and sounds. It takes a wav-file, and converts it to another wav-file that represents 'the average sound' of the original soundfile


You can find information about my music on my music page.