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Part 1: Synthesizers and the likes

I have compiled an album with instrumental synthesizer tracks in various genres ranging from ambient to electronica to techno. The complete album can be listed to and downloaded, for free if you want, over here. Below are some featured tracks.

Carpenter - This is the most minimalistic track that I have recorded, with only an Eb-minor chord. Yet it contains 13 layered tracks, most of which are stereo. It is my little homage to the music of the John Carpenter movies.

<a href="http://scez.bandcamp.com/track/j-carpenter">J.Carpenter by Scez</a>

Asrodot - An electronica track featuring the Machinedrum and Nord Modular. Some external delay from the Ensoniq dp/4

<a href="http://scez.bandcamp.com/track/asrodot">Asrodot by Scez</a>

Shanab - A minimal techno track featuring the Nord Modular G1 and G2X. Percussion is provided by samples from the Nord Modular

<a href="http://scez.bandcamp.com/track/shanab">Shanab by Scez</a>

more tracks

Part 2: Blues

I have opened a youtube channel with blues improvisations. See example below.